Growth Groups

Just as Jesus valued personal connections and accountability, so do we as Christ followers.  Our very nature desires to connect with those near us and feel as if we belong to the group.  We use this approach to encourage a weekly time to Pray, Learn, Connect, and Care within the structure of a small group.  

Current Groups:

September 16 - November 10

      1) Sonrise Sermon

      2) Foundations

      3) Starting Point

      4) 1,2,3 John

      5) Anatomy of a Disciple    

Upcoming Groups: 

November 25 - February 2

      1) Sermon based

      2) Stronger Foundations

      3) Freeway

      4) Jonah

      5) Follow

Why Growth Groups? 

It is our desire as a church to Grow, Equip, and Send Christ followers in order to be disciples that make disciples.  We use our Growth Groups as a way to grow together in our relationships as the body of Christ in order to accomplish this.  

Join a Group

New groups are formed approximately every eight weeks to keep things fresh and to continue to establish and build connections through the year. 

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I Still Have Questions

Let us help you understand a little more what Growth Groups are and the impact they can have.  

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