Family Resources

  • Parent Cues

    We want to remind you why what you do is so important. To help you focus on what matters most. To discover parenting along with you, so you know you’re not in this alone. Not all at once. Just little by little. So week by week, we will cue you so you can make the most of the weeks you have with your kids before graduation.
  • Creating a Rhythm

    This tool is a great resource for parents to help create a regular rhythm of the words they say to their kids for every age.

  • What's your rhythm?

    We want to encourage you to create a rhythm at home that makes conversation about God normal.

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  • Looking for a specific resource?

    We love to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders in their homes. If you need encouragement, prayer, or additional tools to help you win. Contact our Family Pastor, Joshua Harkins @